[linux-audio-dev] voice/video calls/conferencing and JACK (was: Re: Mix Minus with AM-Pitchshift; a study in LinuxAudio usability)

Kai Vehmanen kvehmanen at eca.cx
Mon Aug 1 20:02:48 UTC 2005

Hello all,

sorry for cross-posting to lad -- this just in case there are any 
interested developers out there interested in this topic...

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Dan Mills wrote:

>> Imagine the ease and fun of having asterisk hooked up to jack and
>> doing voip;)
> Does anyone know of a SIP or asterisk client that does jack?

This is still very much work in progress, but FarSight project - 
http://farsight.sf.net - is working on to create a library for handling 
audio/video calls and conferencing, with multi-protocol (SIP, MSN, etc) 
support, and built on top of the gstreamer media framework. I'm involved 
with adding SIP support (very much standard compliant, and open-source) to 
the project.

And, as gstreamer has JACK support (btw; Andy Wingo from gstreamer was one 
of the early members of the JACK team), you will be able to do lots of 
nice stuff with this technology (= with apps utilizing FarSight) once the 
project matures a bit more. It is still open who will first adopt 
FarSight, but it is targetted towards IM apps such as Gaim, aMSN, Kopete, 
etc... and who knows what in the end.

If anyone is interested, come and take a look at the project and join the 
fun! :) I'm not an official FarSight developer (at least not yet :)), so 
detailed questions should probably be directed to the FarSight mailing 

> Ideally something command line that can be controlled via tcp messages?

You can already do some basic audio/video streaming over RTP to/from JACK 
using just gst-launch (put together chains of rtp, codec and jack 
sink/sources). This can be easily controlled from the command-line. But, 
but, as mentioned already, this is still work in progress...

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