[linux-audio-dev] jack 0.100.0 announcement

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 2 03:40:07 UTC 2005

Jack has finally reached version 0.100.0.  In brief, more functions  
for getting latency statistics, better thread handling, and a more  
verbose way of connecting to the jackd server.

This new function is jack_client_open().  From the documentation:

Open an external client session with a JACK server.  This interface
is more complex but more powerful than jack_client_new().  With it,
clients may choose which of several servers to connect, and control
whether and how to start the server automatically, if it was not
already running.  There is also an option for JACK to generate a
unique client name, when necessary.

Jack-0.100.0 is available from http://jackit.sf.net, although a new  
website is in the works.

Rewritten coreaudio driver

Switched to ALSA-1.0 API

Added functions jack_client_create_thread(),  
jack_get_max_delayed_usecs(), jack_reset_max_delayed_usecs(),  
jack_internal_client_handle(), jack_internal_client_load(),  
jack_get_internal_client_name(), jack_internal_client_unload(),  
jack_get_xrun_delayed_usecs(), jack_client_open(), and  
jack_get_client_name().  See documentation for details.

Removed functions jack_set_server_dir(), jack_create_thread()

Added header file <jack/statistics.h>

ALSA, OSS, and CoreAudio drivers now have -I/-O options for setting  
systemic latency.

Added client request type RecomputeTotalLatencies

Compiles and runs on MacOSX 10.4

Change the way threads get RT scheduling. it is now requested by the  
thread rather than assigned by the thread's parent. in cases where  
capabilities are used, the child is also given capabilities so that  
it can release + re-acquire RT scheduling as needed.

Prevent watchdog from killing anything is JACK is freewheeling.

And of course tons of bug fixes.

Taybin Rutkin

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