[linux-audio-dev] TAP EQ problems

Doug McLain dougmclain at cayf.org
Wed Aug 3 19:47:35 UTC 2005

There appears to be a serious problem with tap eq and ardour.  Given a
session with 8 mono tracks, and 6 of them running thru tap eq, I get
near total gui freeze and/or jack disconnection when I stop rolling or
when moving the playhead.

This is only when the eq plugins are actually modifying the input
signal.  If all the levels are set to 0, or the plugins are bypassed,
then all is well.

Upon testing, I added eq to tracks on track at a time.  At the 4th
track, I noticed a small GUI hang loading the eq plugin.  Sure enough,
after setting it to a preset state and stopping playback, I got the lockup.


P.S. Any attempts at emailing tom directly keep getting bounced back to me.


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