[linux-audio-dev] Simultaneous Output Audio Engine?

Thomas Vecchione seablade at softhome.net
Tue Aug 23 18:45:40 UTC 2005


  I was looking at starting a coding project for my work(Theaterical 
Sound Designer) and one of the things I was looking at doing is adding a 
playback engine to be used in a live situation.  For this end I would 
need an audio engine capable of simultaneous file playback across the 
same or multiple audio interfaces, preferably using Jack.  I was 
wondering if there was a good engine out there that already existed to 
accomplish this?

Would Like:

Just the engine, ability to program UI seperately.
Ability to control basic concepts like Volume and Pan
Possible Surround Output(5.1) and appropriate Pan implementation.
Ability to play multiple files simultaneously, outputting either to the 
same interface or seperate interfaces
Jack Compatibility

Eventually I would love to be able to add things like LADSPA support and 
such to this program.  My goal is a program that I can use to program in 
automation(Basic) in terms of Volume and Pan, and hopefully eventually 
Automation in terms of the Plugins used.  The Main Goal of the program 
is to be used for playing Music and Sound Effects in Live Theater, 
however it will also be used to organize paperwork and such so that 
anything related to a production can be pulled up on the computer at any 
given time.

I would also like to look into a good Midi Library, specificly for 
sending Midi Control Messages out over an interface to control external 

And since i am pretty new to audio programming, and pretty much can be 
considered a newcomer to programming in general I would love any 
suggestions on reading material for programming for audio, as I would 
imagine there are a few accepted and unaccepted tricks to keep a low 
latency system up, but also for minimizing HD load times and 
prebuffering clips in memory to allow for faster access etc.  I doubt I 
will be using this right off hand, I am sticking to programming easier 
things for a reason for right now;)


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