[linux-audio-dev] Simultaneous Output Audio Engine?

Jelle Herold jelle at defekt.nl
Tue Aug 23 20:14:04 UTC 2005

On Aug 23, 2005, at 20:45, Thomas Vecchione wrote:

> Evening-
>  I was looking at starting a coding project for my work(Theaterical 
> Sound Designer) and one of the things I was looking at doing is adding 
> a playback engine to be used in a live situation.  For this end I 
> would need an audio engine capable of simultaneous file playback 
> across the same or multiple audio interfaces, preferably using Jack.  
> I was wondering if there was a good engine out there that already 
> existed to accomplish this?

have a look at the linux sampler, http://www.linuxsampler.com/.
it provides streaming from disc, jack output and the engine is 
separated from the (qt) gui.


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