[linux-audio-dev] Simultaneous Output Audio Engine?

nescivi nescivi at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 20:40:39 UTC 2005

Hello Thomas,

what about giving SuperCollider a try?
you can use either just the engine of that, or both the language and
the engine.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 8:45:40 PM, you wrote:

TV> Evening-

TV>   I was looking at starting a coding project for my work(Theaterical
TV> Sound Designer) and one of the things I was looking at doing is adding a
TV> playback engine to be used in a live situation.  For this end I would
TV> need an audio engine capable of simultaneous file playback across the
TV> same or multiple audio interfaces, preferably using Jack.  I was 
TV> wondering if there was a good engine out there that already existed to
TV> accomplish this?

TV> Would Like:

TV> Just the engine, ability to program UI seperately.
TV> Ability to control basic concepts like Volume and Pan
TV> Possible Surround Output(5.1) and appropriate Pan implementation.
TV> Ability to play multiple files simultaneously, outputting either to the
TV> same interface or seperate interfaces
TV> Jack Compatibility

TV> Eventually I would love to be able to add things like LADSPA support and
TV> such to this program.  My goal is a program that I can use to program in
TV> automation(Basic) in terms of Volume and Pan, and hopefully eventually
TV> Automation in terms of the Plugins used.  The Main Goal of the program
TV> is to be used for playing Music and Sound Effects in Live Theater,
TV> however it will also be used to organize paperwork and such so that
TV> anything related to a production can be pulled up on the computer at any
TV> given time.

TV> I would also like to look into a good Midi Library, specificly for
TV> sending Midi Control Messages out over an interface to control external
TV> equipment.

TV> And since i am pretty new to audio programming, and pretty much can be
TV> considered a newcomer to programming in general I would love any 
TV> suggestions on reading material for programming for audio, as I would
TV> imagine there are a few accepted and unaccepted tricks to keep a low
TV> latency system up, but also for minimizing HD load times and 
TV> prebuffering clips in memory to allow for faster access etc.  I doubt I
TV> will be using this right off hand, I am sticking to programming easier
TV> things for a reason for right now;)

TV>            Seablade

Best regards,
 nescivi                            mailto:nescivi at gmail.com

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