[linux-audio-dev] Radio Scanner Recorder

Guillaume Filion gfk at logidac.com
Sat Aug 27 01:47:22 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to the world of audio on linux, so please excuse the 
"newbeeness" of my question. :-)

I'm a in the process of making a police/EMS/fire radio recorder. At 
first, I tought of doing a program similar to ScanRec(1) from the 
windows world -- that is not record when the sound is below a certain 
threshold. This could easily be done with ecasound's -ge parameter.

However, I started thinking and found that it would be better to have a 
different file for each segment. For example, if there is
- 45 seconds of speech, followed by
- 3 minutes of silence,  followed by
- 2 minutes of speech
I would get two files, one 45 seconds long and one 2 minutes long.

Does such a program allready exists, and if not, what would be the 
best/easiest way of doing it?

1: http://www.davee.com/scanrec/

Thanks a lot,
Guillaume Filion, ing. jr
Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Québec, Canada - http://logidac.com/
PGP Key and more: http://guillaume.filion.org/

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