[linux-audio-dev] ALSA MIDI logger? (Was: Radio Scanner Recorder)

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Mon Aug 29 11:23:43 UTC 2005

> Is there anything like this, but for MIDI, out there?
> I'd like something that runs in the background (I'd probably start it
> up automatically with the system), subscribing to any ALSA MIDI
> inputs that might be of interest, automatically recording all events,
> and saving each "burst of activity" as a separate .mid file.
> One would probably want to make sure that each .mid gets a header
> that restores the CC state at the time the recording started, and
> some comments about the ALSA sequencer routing and connected clients
> might come in handy sometimes. None of that is really required,
> though.
> This strikes me as something that should be relatively easy to do,
> though I'd rather not hack it from scratch if there's any reasonably
> nice code lying around somewhere.

maybe RtMidi is a piece of code which can help you easily doing such a 


Best regards


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