[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] blepvco 0.1.0 - LADSPA minBLEP hard-syncable VCOs

Sean Bolton musound at jps.net
Wed Feb 2 20:34:35 UTC 2005

Announcing blepvco 0.1.0:


blepvco is a LADSPA plugin library containing three anti-aliased,
minBLEP-based, hard-sync-capable oscillator plugins.  The
oscillators are intended to be used with modular synthesis systems,
such as Alsa Modular Synth (a couple example AMS patches are
included). The three oscillators are:

Sync-Saw-VCO  : Anti-aliased sawtooth oscillator with hard-sync 
Sync-Rect-VCO : Anti-aliased variable-width rectangle oscillator, with 
Sync-Tri-VCO  : Anti-aliased variable-slope triangle oscillator, with 

Users of Fons Adriaensen's VCO-plugins will find these plugins
immediately familiar, since they borrow much of their interface code
from Fons' work -- indeed, if/when you do not need the hard-sync or
variable-slope triangle wave features of blepvco, his plugins may be
a better choice, because their CPU use is somewhat lower. Currently,
his VCO-plugins can be found at:


blepvco is written by Sean Bolton, and copyright (c)2005 under the
GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.  Much thanks to Fons,
Daniel Werner, Tim Stilson and Julius Smith, and Eli Brandt.

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