[linux-audio-dev] cool plugin from Waves

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Sat Feb 5 12:46:23 UTC 2005

On Saturday 05 February 2005 11.37, Jens M Andreasen wrote:

[...morphing between impulse responses etc...]
> Use a 'wobble-generator' to crossfade between two (or more) samples
> taken at different locations.
> Cheat and 'Wobble' the input and 'wiggle' the tail slightly.

Another thought: It might be interesting to apply that idea to a set 
feedback network delays or similar, with similar but different 

> > I *do* have an idea about what kind of problems that would pull
> > in, though: It would be like looping a sampled waveform, except
> > each sample is an impulse response... So, you need a nice, click
> > free, non repetitive sounding loop. :-)
> Good thinking!
> Click free loop can be automated.
> Quantifying 'nice' is harder ... 
> Non repetitive ... Say we morph between two 'nice' loops:
>  Loop A is 2.00 seconds
>  Loop B is 2.71 seconds 
>  Crossfade 3.14 seconds (full circle)
> ... then we would get in the right ballpark for a simulation of the
> sameness, though everchanging sound of complex sustained notes. 
> This is for the sustained part though, and might not translate
> verbatim to the decay of a room?

Why would you need to separate them? AFAIK, you only do that with 
feedback networks and similar designs. The early reflections are just 
a part of the impulse response.

> [...]
> > This is a well known way to "cheat" to save cycles.
> Or perhaps it is:
> A simplified model of a rooms characteristic decay combined with a
> simplified model of the turbolence, sounds better than without the
> simplified turbolence.

Yeah, that's probably more accurate.

> In a parallel universe it could argued that, a speech-synthesizer
> singing 'Lieder' is much more convincing if you have the appropiate
> Bontempi Piano to go along with it.


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