[linux-audio-dev] Anyone interested in helping with melotron

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Wed Mar 9 22:24:03 UTC 2005

  At http://freepats.opensrc.org there is a mellotron sample in the flac 
format. I'm very interested in this sound. I'd like to see it in a soundfont, 
so it can be used with fluidsynth. Unfortunately I only can convert this 
sample to the .wav or .raw format and split the different samples from one 
another. The actual soundfont creation (with swami) I can't do. Would anyone 
be interested in this kind of project?
  As said I'd convert and split the flac file and do, what else I can, but 
for the final swami-touch, I'd need some help, because I'm blind.
  I'm looking forward to hear from someone!
  Kindest regards

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