[linux-audio-dev] Lock-free gtk/jack interaction

Arnold Krille arnold at roederberg.dyndns.org
Mon Mar 14 19:38:56 UTC 2005

On Monday 14 March 2005 17:34, Olivier Guilyardi wrote:
> My jackd manpage states that the default frames/period setting is 1024,
> which means that for a frame rate of 44100 Hz, I'm around 44 periods by
> second, which is less than a monitor refresh. And what if some user needs
> to set that up to 4096 frames/period or more ?

Wouldn't this mean that his system is very slow or at least needs such slow 
settings to run stable?
Which in turn means, he is used to slow reactions of the system / the gui...
And even if the gui reacts at once to his changes, this would confuse him, 
since the sound of his changes will be noticable later...


BTW: I myself use slow, stable settings sometimes for mastering where I don't 
need input or fast reactions...
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