[linux-audio-dev] jack transport

Luis Garrido luisgarr at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 22:20:54 UTC 2005

> Syncing video playback to Ardour would be a great example of the
> usefullness of jack-transport.  Unfortunately, i guess the fact
> is that the design of mplayer means it can never be a real jack
> client. Perhaps a jack client could control mplayer via its slave
> mode, for use with non-keyframe based video formats, but thats a
> bit of a hack.

I needed a jack driven video player to allow me to compose the
soundtrack for a videoclip in MusE. Since there was none available, I
made my own one. I think it is a not so great but adequate example of
the usefullness of jack-transport ;-D

One of the solutions I thought of was that suggested by you: mplayer
slave mode. I don't remember well why I dropped it.

Finally I ended up glueing some libraries to make a very quick hack
that did the job. Don't expect good video performance, nor support of
keyframed video formats, I only spent a couple of days and got what I

I use it successfully with MusE and ardour. You can check the project
page and a screenshot:




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