[linux-audio-dev] jack.udp issues

Antonio "Willy" Malara behappy at maialone.com
Mon Mar 21 04:48:55 UTC 2005

jack.udp for me means many underrun in this configuration:

x86 pc
jackd -d alsa -d hw:0
jack.udp recv
     |  (FastEthernet network (100mbps))
powerpc pc
jackd -d dummy
jack.udp -r IP send

the first thing that came in my mind was some network troubles like 
mtu.. further investigation (like involving two x86 hosts, or working 
directly without the switch, working with 802.11b networks...) made me 
think that jack.udp uses the audiocard driver for some kind of timing. 
now, i've some troubles running an audiocard with jack in the powerpc 
(my main computer) there is a way to make this system usable with dummy 
driver? i've noticed that this dummy driver has a "delay in microsecs" 
parameter, now i think if i can calculate the right number the problem 
will fade away, but i dont know how to do the math :(

some one has an idea on this? or has solved a similar trouble?

another question out of this trouble: someone knows how to raise the IRQ 
priority of the USB controller to an usable value? possibly not 
involving the use of the realtime patch, inusable on ppc-powermac,

thanks for attention and eventual replies, and keep the good work on 
this audio software :)


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