[linux-audio-dev] Jack-udp

Jordan jordan.nash at apostolic.edu
Tue Mar 22 20:36:28 UTC 2005

Hello all. I don't really have any business asking, but I am more and 
more interested in digital HD recording, and I have spent many hours 
recently studying hardware, software, techniques, et cetera. I don't 
really have the funds to create such a system, but it is fun to plan it 
out, in case my church or someone else would be interested in such a 
system in the future.

The recent discussion of jack over networks has gotten me wondering a 
few things.
Here is my current fantasy rack setup:
2U: Master/DAW
1U: Slave Recorder/Node
1U: Slave Recorder/Node
1U: Slave Recorder/Node
1U: Slave Recorder/Node
1U: Gigabit ethernet switch (all computers connected through it)

Basically, all slaves would boot off of the RAID server (for easier 
maintenance) into a cut-down Linux kernel, and will boot into text-only 
mode, starting only the programs absolutely required to run Ecasound. 
The slave node would begin recording when the master tells it to, and 
all audio data would be sent to the RAID server. I am thinking that each 
slave would be able to handle 8 channels of mono input. All nodes would 
be equipped with the OpenMosix software, so that they can assist the 
Master when they are not busy.

The master would boot into GUI mode, so that the operator wouldn't be 
intimidated by learning Linux command line. The master would be able to 
see the status of all slaves, and what each channel is doing. The master 
would able to assign friendly names to each of the input channels (ie: 
vocal 1, vocal 2, drums 1, bass, etc.). When the operator checks a box 
at each channel, to indicate whether it should record or not (no point 
in recording if nothing is plugged into it). The operator can also enter 
a friendly name for the project. When the operator issues forth the 
"BEGIN RECORDING!!!!" command, a directory is created on the server, and 
all nodes begin recording. The all data is sent directly to the server, 
then opened on the DAW from there.

The DAW operator would be able to record a live mix into a JACK-capable 
recorder, such a ReZound, then burn it to CD. The operator would also be 
able to back-up the project
(ie: all of the raw audio) to a data DVD.

So, I guess the question is, would this work?


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