[linux-audio-dev] Jack-udp

Antonio "Willy" Malara behappy at maialone.com
Wed Mar 23 14:41:23 UTC 2005

Pieter Palmers wrote:

> Regarding this topic and the previous topic on jack.udp sync: We at the 
> freebob project had the idea of implementing a feature into our backend 
> that would allow a PC to be used as a 'FreeBob' device. (FreeBob is a 
> driver project for certain firewire based audio interfaces)
> Using firewire as a transport layer for audio can solve some problems, 
> mainly those of sync and QoS. The scenario I had in mind was something 
> like you describe above, but using FW for the audio transport between 
> machines.
> The idea is still rather vague, but nevertheless...
> Pieter

wow!! i think that's a killer app!!!

the sync informations are encoded in the firewire protocol? i was 
thinking that having the firebob protocol transported via IP(v6?) would 
be even greater, mainly for two reasons:

as a laptop user i have an external audiocard (usb, or another pc with 
some kind of audio transport) and an external disc for recording: my 
firewire disk is indeed faster than the laptop internal's one..  there 
is enough bandwidth if i use firewire for both disk and "live audio"?

the second: i dont know the state of firewire "networks", i see them as 
point to point links (maybe i'm wrong), but with IP one can design 
really complex and ad-hoc network topologies with a strong 
infrastructure, maybe with firewire those things are harder to design...

one example i have in mind: i want to link two computers, the first is a 
spare pc for audio input/output so i would keep here jackd running with 
the audio card interface, then some jack-rack to put some compressors, 
limiters to the input and one or more reverbs to output, so the other 
pc, lodaed with softsynths is only building the sound, not "beautifying" 

what do you think?


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