[linux-audio-dev] Jack-udp

Daniel Wagner wagi at monom.org
Wed Mar 23 15:13:20 UTC 2005

> the sync informations are encoded in the firewire protocol? 

The FireWire bus allows isochronous and asynchronous data transports.  
The isochronous transport protocol contains sync information
and each participants which wants to send isochronous data has to 
allocated resources at the bus resource manager.  Max. 80% of the bus 
bandwith can reserved for isochronous data

> i was thinking that having the firebob protocol transported via 
> IP(v6?) would be even greater, mainly for two reasons:

All participants on the bus have first to be configured in which way 
they want to synchronize (threre are several ways to do so). This is one 
of the main problems the FreeBob problems has to solve. This 
configuration is also done over the FireWire bus.

> [...].  there is enough bandwidth if i use firewire for both disk and 
> "live audio"?

Yes, the disk is accessed over the asynchronous transport mode. Though 
only 20% of the bandwith maybe be left for the disk.


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