[linux-audio-dev] Common synthesizer interface -or- microtonal alternative to MIDI?

ix at replic.net ix at replic.net
Mon May 2 23:28:24 UTC 2005

> > AFAIK this has been overcome by using 14 bits to describe the note
> > [...] many VST hosts and instruments on windows for example accept
> > floating point note like 67.1234 and its rendered accordingly.
> This is *very* interesting to me!  
> Do you have any references/web sites/semi-official specifications/
> list of supported software and hardware?

  char detune;	-64 to +63 cents; for scales other than 'well-tempered' ('microtuning')

so its an extra 7 bits of tuning precision, i dont feel like firing up windows and testing what % of the instruments actually support this - if nothing on linux supports this yet, you might just want to ditch MIDI and use OSC floats..

ive heard of hardware controllers supporting this precision as well, but mainly for increased knob precision rather than esoteric scales,


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