[linux-audio-dev] Bug in RT Pre-empt Kernel Patch?

michael tewner tewner at jct.ac.il
Sun May 15 08:45:17 UTC 2005

On Sat, 14 May 2005, Shayne O'Connor wrote:

> i've just compiled a 2.6.12.RC4 kernel with the rt-preempt patch
> (configured with PREEMPT_RT) and it all went ok, but after installing
> the binary Nvidia drivers, i get this bug message:
> BUG: modprobe/2085, lock held at task exit time!
>  [de2887e4] {(struct semaphore *)(&os_sema->wait)}
> .. held by:        modprobe: 2085 [dfceec30, 118]
> ... acquired at:os_alloc_sema+0x40/0x76 [nvidia]
> should i send this to the kernel list? will this cause problems on my
> system?

This made it to the kernel list, I think. I seem to remember something
about the new kernel killing Nvidia binary drivers... 1 sec. I'll look.

about 2.6.12-rc2:

Elsewhere, Bob Gill reported that NVidia modules no longer worked for him,
Dave Jones replied, "Totally unsurprising. They'll need serious brain
to work with the multi-gart support. I'm amazed they even compiled for

> shayne

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