[linux-audio-dev] Guidelines for developing a music editor

Dougie McGilvray d.mcgilvray at elec.gla.ac.uk
Thu May 19 11:47:16 UTC 2005

Toby wrote:

>Hi LADs
>As you might remember from my recent questions about MIDI tuning and
>microtonality, I'm currently designing a music editor unlike any other
>(that I've seen.)  It will be a graphical music editor, similar to
>existing "piano roll" editors on the surface, but with several important
>differences.  It will be a tool for composing music in Just Intonation.
>It will also be free software (that goes without saying :-)

Just so you know, a Rosegarden branch is currrently developing
microtonal functionality (including non-12-tone scales). This should
include MIDI output (via Tuning Standard) in the nearish future.

Best of luck with the sequencer,
Dougie McGilvray

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