[linux-audio-dev] Re: Minimum reasonable latency

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Thu May 19 15:12:56 UTC 2005

>From: Benno Senoner <sbenno at gardena.net>
>Since we cannot increase the speed at which the sound travels and even 
>DACs add some latency (1msec or so)
>I see any effort to reduce latency below 2-3msec quite useless.

Lucasfilm's sound processor at 1983 had fixed 1.5 ms latency.
But did they have as lousy DACs as we have today? Don't know.
Did they mean the DSP effect processing latency only? Not sure.

I dislike that the Jack buffersize must be turned up for all
clients when one client does not perform well. It well could
be that I would like to use the buffersize 32 for
  A/D --> EQ --> M --> D/A
and the buffersize 256 for
         Zyn --> M --> D/A (the part M --> D/A is the same as above)
where M is a magic processing node which mixes the audios
having different buffersizes. M would be quite simple, actually.

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