[linux-audio-dev] job offer... [Fwd: Algorithm Development Manager (Full-Time)]

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Fri Aug 25 17:02:41 UTC 2006

> Our client provides advanced noise suppression solutions for enhanced
> voice communication to the mobile, VOIP, PC and auto markets.  Their
> proprietary technology, derived from human hearing biology, allows the
> complete removal of the most difficult and distracting noises from
> voice, enabling clear communication and greater network efficiency.

it would be cool if companies listed their licenses in job boards, when they don't mention company name. ive found the vast majority of these things involve writing win32 GUIs for niche markets, and generally working on patented closed-source code where the aim is to license to cellphone film/video-equipment manufacturers  as a better music/speech codec, and the like. 

i guess everyone has to pay the rent somehow...but do a indeed/simplyhired search for linux audio, or similar. and check out the names of the top 10 entries....Sony, Avid, Qualcomm. id rather work at starbucks than give them more intellectual property :)

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