[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] QLoud v.0.14

Andrew Gaydenko a at gaydenko.com
Sun Aug 27 15:17:13 UTC 2006

QLoud is a tool to measure loudspeaker frequency response. Find it here: 



- a crash (hitting "Plot" with empty IR list) is fixed,
- pickers values are rounded now,
- multiple minor fixes and cleanup,
- now "Window, msec" is a time from IR peak to cutted reverberations, which is more
  intuitive, I think (earlier it was equal to applied window width itself).

Direct screenshot links:

- main window with few SPL plots: http://gaydenko.com/qloud/screenshots/shot01.png 
- IR-power plot: http://gaydenko.com/qloud/screenshots/shot02.png


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