[linux-audio-dev] Re: job offer... [Fwd: Algorithm Development Manager (Full-Time)]

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 09:33:46 UTC 2006

On 8/26/06, Tracey Hytry <shakti at bayarea.net> wrote:
> We live out here in the valley where the headhunters are still trying to
> recover from the last bust.
> It's hard when you have the outlook of a car salesperson trying to sell
> people to companies.  First they have to get companies to trust them, and
> then have to present the most sparkling people to them.  And oh, there is
> the spam advertising of your services!
> The problem is, most of it's a big charade.  The companies overstate what
> they need, trying to to get some decent talent into what could be a rather
> mundane job;  and the headhunters encourage the would be employees to
> pad(shine up) their resumes.
> Sometimes it can be said that these salespeople are a necessary evil, but I
> see them more like the people that are taking 4 or 5 percent of the sale of
> a house just because they know who to refer the buyer to  to close the deal.
>  Sorry for being a little sarcastic here.
> Tracey.

As some one who has just finished a 3 month contract and will be
looking for work again soon I can say... they are evil.... EVIL! There
is so much lies and so little info that it's amazing. I one applied
for a "C programming job" which said they were looking for a linux guy
from the traditional hacker culture good with gdb/etc, where i did a 2
hour interview where they asked me incredibly basic questions about
inheritance and encapsulation and other OO style slop. After these 2
hours the total idiot told me they really didn't have a c job, it was
actually a website job involving javascript and interactive web
design, <insert extra buzzwords and TLA's here> but that i seemed
perfect for it.... EVIL. ;)


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