[linux-audio-dev] fst, VST 2.0, kontakt

Forest Bond forest at alittletooquiet.net
Wed Jul 12 01:20:53 UTC 2006

> fst is already able to load/save chunks.

It sure as heck is.

> i dont have a full version of kontakt, so i cant verify whether
> load/save works. 

Seems to work pretty well.  I haven't tested it real thorougly, but everything
looks to be in order.

The 1.8 -> 1.9 diff is not large.  Wish I knew my way around the VST stuff.

Things were underway to create a new (read: kontakt-ish) interface for chionic.
I would like to keep at that, I think, but kontakt is working quite well now.  I
guess I have to figure out what I have time for, exactly.

Thanks for taking the time to implement this, Torbenh.

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