[linux-audio-dev] Hello and Python bindings for LADSPA

Jono Bacon jonobacon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 13:07:13 UTC 2006

Hi all,

My name is Jono Bacon (www.jonobacon.org) and I am one of the
developers working on Jokosher, a GStreamer based multi-track audio
editor written in Python for the GNOME desktop. Jokosher is designed
to be really simple to use, and we release our first 0.1 release on
Saturday. You can find out more at www.jokosher.org. although the
brand new, much improved site is released on Saturday too. I am also
one of the members of LUGRadio.

Anyway, for Jokosher 0.2 I want to include LADSPA support. From what I
understand, LADSPA not only provides an audio layer, but also a GUI
layer, so the widgets in the plug-in can be displayed in the host
toolkit. I know there is an antiquated GStreamer bridge for LADSPA,
but in terms of getting the GUI elements to display, I assume I need
Python bindings. Do such bindings exist?

Oh, and by the way, if you are in the UK, we are running an event
called LUGRadio Live 2006 with over 40 speakers, a room full of
exhibitors, lots of BOF sessions and a party. It is held in
Wolverhampton on the 22nd and 23rd July (next weekend). It would be
great to see a fraternity of Linux audio developers there. Anyone want
to come along? See www.lugradio.org/live/2006 for more details.

Thanks folks!


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