[linux-audio-dev] Re: Hello and Python bindings for LADSPA

Jono Bacon jonobacon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 14:38:59 UTC 2006

Hi Lars,

> It does "just work", you just get generic GUIs instead of
> plugin-specific ones.

But surely the GUI is bound to a certain list of plugins. So, when we
get LADSPA support in Jokosher, because we need to make the GUI for
the plugins, we need to basically decide on a list of included plugins
and create the GUIs. Surely this limits the ability for the user to
just install a plugin pack as we won't have GUI for those plugins?
Correct me if I am wrong on this, I am still very new around here. :P

Oh, and I read that someone was working on an XML DTD for plugin GUIs
- what is the current progress on this? I could not find anything out
about it on the LADSPA site.

> There are some "port hints" in the plugin that specify whether a certain
> parameter is interpreted as an integer, a boolean, has upper or lower
> bounds etc that the host can use to decide whether it should use a
> spinbutton or a checkbox or a slider or something else for that
> parameter.

I assume that the GStreamer bridge exposes these port hints as
gettable properties. I will check with them.

> You could look at some existing LADSPA hosts with GUIs (e.g. JACK-rack,
> Ardour, Om, Hydrogen) to see how they do it.

I plan on doing this. I also noticed there is dsptools which offers
python bindings to LADSPA among other things.

Thanks for imparting your wisdom Lars. :)


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