[linux-audio-dev] Re: Akai's MPC4000 Sampler/Workstation Open Source Project

Renich Bon Ćirić renich at woralelandia.com
Thu Jul 27 04:31:16 UTC 2006

What is top Posting? Well anyway, I do have some links.

# The forum where it all started

# The site I've established to make this happen.

I could use all the help available. Thank you so much for all your 
support and advice. I will seriously consider Linux if we're gonna 
develop an OS.

Marc-Olivier Barre wrote:
> On 7/27/06, Renich Bon Ćirić <renich at woralelandia.com> wrote:
>> Well, very wise words you say. But, on the other hand, this piece of
>> hardware is worth 3,000 usd. We have a ton of users to think about. We
>> must provide compatibility with it's native format.
>> It would be cool to be able to use all the OpenSource arsenal out there.
>> But first, we need to clone... at least, that's what they have said (the
>> users)
> Sure, cloning must also be part of the deal. I was also thinking of
> extending the possibilities of the beast while also supporting the
> current formats used. If you have to concentrate your efforts of
> negociations with Akai on something, let it be the full specs of their
> formats (or maybe it has already been given ?)
> The things you might lack if choosing linux are file format support,
> and eventually some driver stuff. This is such a small part of an
> operating system... compared to all the other stuff you would have to
> create if you intend to build one from scratch.
> _________________
> Marc-Olivier Barre,
> Kinoko en Orbite.
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