[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] Faust Online

Orlarey Yann orlarey at grame.fr
Thu Nov 2 14:13:41 UTC 2006

Dear All,

A completely rewritten Faust website is available at
http://faudiostream.sourceforge.net or at http://faust.grame.fr . Its
main feature is the possibility to use the Faust compiler online, via
the web pages, without having to install it on your machine.

The website contains a small catalog of softwares written in Faust. Each
software is available to download in various binary formats (Linux/i386) :

    * standalone applications : alsa-gtk, jack-gtk, oss-gtk, libsndfile
command line
    * plugins : ladspa, puredata, Q, supercollider

The SVG block-diagrams of each software are also available ('->svg'
link). These block-diagrams were generated by the Faust compiler using
the -svg option. You can navigate down the hierarchy of block diagrams
by clicking on the blue boxes. A click on the white background allows to
move up.

Another link, the '->code' link, allows to view and edit the Faust code
of the application. It is useful to learn how a specific application is
written in Faust. But the funny part is to modify the Faust code to your
needs. You can then recompile it and look at the generated C++ code or
at the corresponding SVG block-diagrams.

Once your Faust program successfully compile, you can choose the
appropriate architecture and download a 'source' tar.gz file that
contains the C++ code and a Makefile, or directly a binary file for

Please note that for puredata, the binary file is a tar.gz archive that
packs together the plugin and a user interface patch, thanks to Albert
Graef 'faust2pd' patch generator. For supercollider it is also a tar.gz
archive that packs together the plugin and a class description, thanks
to Stefan Kersten 'faust2sc' class generator.

Please note also that the website is still experimental and probably not
very robust. To navigate the website use the navigation buttons on the
left, the back and forward buttons will not work very well.


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