[linux-audio-dev] Re: alsa, oss , efficiency?

lemmel lem0mel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 17:52:42 UTC 2006

Le mercredi 01 novembre 2006 23:20, Paul Davis a écrit :
> you really have not provided us with much information on the nature of
> the problem you are seeing.
Well my question was mainly about what sound system I should use.
> dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of 
> us use ALSA and layers of software built on top of ALSA every day to
> play gigabytes of audio, and have not noticed the error you describe.
English is not my native tongue, I am sorry if I gived the feeling to critized 
> perhaps you should be a lot more specific about the s/w you are using
> and the error you think you are encountering.
Well, in order to settle the matter, the wav file is available at 
and this is my software and hardware configuration :
- amarok                           1.4.1-3
- xmms                              1.2.10+20060901-2
- alsa                                 1.0.12-1
- linux kernel           
- lspci :  ALi Corporation High Definition Audio/AC'97 Host Controller (rev 
01) [a 939SLI-eSATA2 motherboard, with Realtek ALC 660 5.1 channel CODEC with 
HD Audio]
- no asoundrc file

the wav file contains BIP sound, first on one channel, then the other one. 
File created with audacity.

> as for time drifts when using JACK, forget about it. JACK-based software
> is essentially locked into the hardware.
Well I work with a Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine (MRI), and the generated 
sound must be rather accurate : the software is allowed to have a time 
drifting of 1 milli-seconde in sound generation.
I was considerating that small wav files (about 3secondes) pre-loaded, will be 
a good choice, what do you think ?

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