[linux-audio-dev] Re: OSS will be back (was Re: alsa, oss , efficiency?)

lemmel lem0mel at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 19:44:12 UTC 2006

Le jeudi 02 novembre 2006 15:51, vous avez écrit :
> Hi folks,
Hi and thanks for the mail :-)
> [...]
> However the real OSS by 4Front Technoliges is there to stay. While OSS
> is "binary only" at this moment the situation is changing. We are about
> to release OSS 4.0 under some open source license. We still need to
> decide the exact license (GPL, CDDL, BSD or some combination of them)
> before releasing the sources but that should happen in the near future
> (maybe weeks or months).
I found your website when I looked for information, and it is true :-)  that 
the "OSS deprecated" blurred my valuation. You say that you will make a 
release with an Opensource licence, but when ?
> Without this 
> developers would stick with OSS which is several magnitudes easier API
> to use.
Can you justify your point ?
> OSS and ALSA are very different APIs. OSS is designed for professional
> software developers who should get their job done within tight
> schedules. For this reason it has strong device abstraction. Everything
> that could be automated has been automated. ALSA in turn is designed for
> hackers (in the 1st place) who like to tweak every possible detail of
> the hardware. This means there is practically no device abstraction and
> the application should be more or less aware of the capabilities of the
> hardware. Which API works better depends on the nature of the
> application. This decision should not be driven by some political issues
> as today.
And for my problem, what do you suggest ?  (look at an another posted mail )

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