[linux-audio-dev] OSS will be back (was Re: alsa, oss , efficiency?)

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Sat Nov 4 03:52:04 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 16:51 +0200, Hannu Savolainen wrote:
> Hi folks,
> The "deprecated" OSS issue needs some clarification. It's just the 
> OSS/Free drivers that are still hanging around in the kernel. that are 
> depracated. They are based on 10 years old version of the OSS 
> architecture and lack all the improvements and features added during 
> past years.
> However the real OSS by 4Front Technoliges is there to stay. While OSS 
> is "binary only" at this moment the situation is changing. We are about 
> to release OSS 4.0 under some open source license. We still need to 
> decide the exact license (GPL, CDDL, BSD or some combination of them) 
> before releasing the sources but that should happen in the near future 
> (maybe weeks or months).
> The whole "OSS is depracated" issue is just  marketing propaganda used 
> to enforce application developers to jump to the ALSA API. Without this 
> developers would stick with OSS which is several magnitudes easier API 
> to use.

Yeah, and you're clearly not biased.

If 4front wanted to stay relevant in Linux, the time to open up was
years and years ago.  They open it now because Alsa killed OSS?  Gee, no

In related news, Sun opens Solaris and all Linux users immediately drop
Linux for Solaris.  After all, the real Unix from Sun Microsystems is
here to stay!

Anyway, apps should not be directly using EITHER Alsa or OSS.


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