[linux-audio-dev] The Linux Audio Vision

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Tue Nov 21 16:40:27 UTC 2006

Hi, all!

Contact me at: theman-AT-carlocapocasa.com

As you might know I am a full time linux audio musician, and in the
process of forming a company to produce music with linux audio
exclusively and release it licensed CreativeCommons Attribution
ShareAlike in OGG Vorbis format exclusively. (With the option to keep up
with whatever standard the Free Community agrees on)

I had one of my first sessions with Carlo, my partner today, and there
is no doubt on my mind we will be very well received by a LOT of people.
Lyrics are along the lines of the practical new age movement, which
focuses on achieving goals using the mind as a primary tool.

My goal is to create a company, that is a little bit different than
other companies in that it has a broader definition of profit motive.
The primary profit motive is satisfaction, while it is trusted that
money will find itself a way to follow as well. Currently, this means
specifically to simply sell some products on a musician's web site that
has a lot of traffic because word of mouth draws people who want to
download free music there.

Contact me at: theman-AT-carlocapocasa.com

To make linux audio more attractive, I am looking for developers to
partner with me in building a "Just Works" device one can plug in the
wall, and hear the latest and greatest of the Free Audio community.
Ideally, the device would simply have an 'I Like It' button that would
Cache whatever song is playing and direct the listener's preference
profile toward similar songs. I would like to see this device be
engineered using 'Free Engineering' principles, along the line of the
Free Software community, being "funded" entirely by donated work
efforts, all the way to the assembly line. This is an ambitious project,
but I'm an ambitious kind of guy, and so our you when you let yourself
be. I find it completely irrelevant what experience you have had in this
field so far, as long as you feel a deep urge in yourself to be part of
this project. Please contact me, right now! It doesn't matter if you
don't know yet what exactly your participating what form it may take.
Just contact me if you resonate with this idea and would be willing to
donate a LOT of your time for this, for the reward of satisfaction, and
probably some quite physical rewards as well; however these will be left
to take care of themselves, which I trust they will.

Contact me at: theman-AT-carlocapocasa.com

I am also looking for developers who would like to fine-tune and even
out current linux software synthesizers to make them completely
rock-solid for live use, so anyone can use them to play a gig with
10'000 people without thinking once that there might be dropouts. Of
course number of possible voices is limited by processing speed, however
 CPU cycles need to be managed in such a way that limitations in
processing power are reported and can be dealt with off-stage. Most
specifically, I am talking about ZynAddSubFX, and to some extent Om/Ingen.

Another area that needs development power is transparency; ZynAddSubFX
is a fantastic sounding synth, however its interface can be cumbersome
for some purposes, specifically automation. Additionally, these sounds
should be accessible in a standard way, without requiring but optionally
enabling MIDI. The best way to accomplish these goals would be to create
a ZynAddSubFX DSSI plugin with a complete redesign of the interface; in
addition, a set of LADSPA plugins for use in modular synths would be
excessively helpful. Again, it doesn't matter if you have development
experience, it is plenty if you have the will and the dedication to
invest your time and energy. I will work closely with you and your
reward will be that YOU were the guy who made it possible for tens of
thousands of people, heck, millions of people to enjoy the sound of the
Free Software synthesizers played live and in realtime in the most
advanced way possible. Contact me.

Contact me at: theman-AT-carlocapocasa.com

The company is not really a company in the conventional sense, just
people working together on a common goal. There will be no central
authority and no orders; just suggestions and mutual service. There will
be no guaranteed rewards, however there is deep satisfaction that this
project will be the only way for you to attain, you being the right
person for this project. It will be your key to salvation if you will,
your holy grail, your life's mantra. Devoting yourself fully to it you
will open the possibility for "All the ways you haven't thought of yet"
to come together and make it possible for you to continue living. And
I'm not talking about just any living, I'm talking about living in
TREMENDOUS WEALTH. Again, you will probably not receive your "rewards"
directly in the form of a bribe, and you will certainly not be lead
around by the nose with petty rewards. You will do what you do to
accomplish your goals that satisfy you, and you will learn how to do
that. Simultaneously, you will learn from me how to attract into your
life whatever (material or not) you need to enjoy your life more, and
how to open your channels for good to "happen to you". (Yes, money cars
and women can "Happen To You", I will be more than happy to explain
exactly how that works to you, all you need to do is ask.)

So I'm looking for passionate software developers and engineers! Please
contact me.

Contact me at: theman-AT-carlocapocasa.com

We will change how the world works. Money is a wonderful thing, if you
don't let it dictate what you do and what you don't do. You can simply
use it like you would use other shiny things, as a token of
appreciation. You can also use it to encourage services where there
would otherwise be ambivalence. Money is a good thing! And money
definitely does not have to be a reason to do anything else than what
YOU are passionate about; and this, as parts of the free software
community, we will demonstrate to the world in undeniable clarity.

Have any of you noticed how sleek and, in short, how amazingly good the
Mozilla browser is? I mean three platforms, and this software quality,
that is nothing short of a miracle. Linux Audio can be that way too! We
just need to get a little more organized, and I will be more than happy
to serve as a usability expert, since I'm a guy who uses the software
professionally and I have the technical skills to communicate what needs
to be changed and what most realistically can be changed (while still
keep a "No Limits" attitude.

Contact me at: theman-AT-carlocapocasa.com

Join me! Help me create good free software AND free hardware. You don't
need to know how, and I don't need to know how. Faith and action will
take care of the rest. Whatever techniques you will need to accomplish
these goals will come to you as soon as you have made a definitive
decision to accomplish them. All you need do is decide that it WILL
happen and never think back.

The free hardware is so sexy you would hardly believe it. Think of it!
We can be giving away "music boxes" that are constantly loaded with the
latest in the free music community, according to the listener's
preferences, which he can communicate with a big red button. Lit with a
high-powered LED. Man this is so sexy I almost have to change my
underwear after even thinking about this.

Join me, guys!

Contact me at: theman-AT-carlocapocasa.com


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