[linux-audio-dev] sampler instrument definition standard needed

Leonard "paniq" Ritter paniq at paniq.org
Wed Nov 22 19:12:19 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 14:17 +0100, Christian Schoenebeck wrote:
> > so i suppose the best way would be to reimplement sf2 as some kind of
> > xsfz format, write a forth-back conversion library/utility and release
> > the whole work under a bsd licence to make it easy for free and
> > commercial developers to catch up...
> Sound Font is a dead end. One of the few things that was agreed by the 
> majority on that list, was to use an XML based format for the articulation 
> informations, probably encapsulated into a common compression format. Which 
> makes sense, considering where we all come from. You know.... command line 
> fetishists, light-weight text editor freaks.

which is exactly what i was suggesting. i'm not calling to use sf2 as a
standard, but using merely the order, metaphors and lingo of the format
description so people feel at home, and mental mapping becomes easier.
the new format will be extensible, so it's not bad to start off with a
known feature set.

it will take a few weeks until i have time for this, so be prepared :)

Leonard Ritter

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