[LAD] [Jackit-devel] [PATCH] jack dbus and logs improvement

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Tue Dec 18 17:09:39 UTC 2007

Krzysztof Foltman <wdev at foltman.com> writes:

> Nedko Arnaudov wrote:
>>> If the "jackd in engine mode" (jackd started with --dbus) is running,
>>> applications are able to connect, aren't they?
>> From what i've understood of Dave's patch, it enables jackd executable
>> to start jackdbus thing (same executable). I.e. no separate launcher
>> executable.
> Looks like a good approach. But, then, I'm still not sure I understand
> what you wrote previously:
> "So having jackd behave in orthagonal way is not confusing? Like, jackd
> process is running, why my apps cannot connect?!?!?"
> Did you mean a situation when Dave's jackd process is running and
> handling DBUS requests, but the server itself (as in, the thingy that
> JACK clients are connecting to) is not running?

yes, this is what i mean

> If that's really the case, the jack controller can detect the fact it
> has just turned the server off, and rename its process to jackd
> (inactive) or jack-dbus-controller or something in this fashion. Then,
> when the server is started, it renames itself back to jackd. Of course,
> I mean, renames the process, not the actual executable (that'd be insane!)

will work

> It's not exactly a typical behaviour, but it should eliminate the
> problems with interpretation of process list. I don't see any particular
> disadvantages (apart from "it's extra work").

no particular disadavantages, i agree.

Some more thoughts:
 - this seems like trying to push something square into round hole. But
   if that will help, then it may be worth to implement it
 - non-technically competent users should not use process list and
   assume things they dont understand by definition.
 - technically competent users should *read* how things are working.
 - i bet that most techincally competent users will get confused by
   changing process name on the fly
 - dbus is there to simplify things not complicate them. users should
   determine if server is working by using their control/monitor
   app. this means looking at tray icon by Marc, or dockapp by me, or
   calling jack_control status and examining the result (it has return
   value tha can be checked too).
 - Using process list is poor man approach when things are not working
   as expected. This implies techically competent user anyway.
 - this is a political issue that i personally think should be handled
   by distro packagers (power users, super technically competent).

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