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Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Tue Jan 16 14:43:37 UTC 2007


I prefer a mailinglist over a forum but talking about information 
sharing, I wonder if there is a central howto page, more user oriented, 
which shows at one central point what and how audio stuff can be 
archived on Linux, what are the problems and WHY they are there (if 
there is one please excuse my ignorance). There is the Alsa project page 
which offers good hardware information, there is linux-sound.org which 
is an amazing ressource of links to applications but these sites assume 
that you know what you are searching for. I guess there are lots of 
people who just want to create music and look over the Windows fence but 
are overwhelmed by the complexity of choice and think that everything is 
complicated. Jacklab and Ubuntustudio is a bit in this direction. I 
guess it has to be a wiki and communitydriven but also has to have a 
certain asthetic standard to not putoff the enduser. Biggest challange 
now in my opinion for Open Source is enduser documentation. Adam Hydes 
Flossmanual http://www.flossmanuals.net is a good hit in that direction.



Malte Steiner
media art + development

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