[linux-audio-dev] Sound processing objects architecture, is it possible?

Steve Harris steve at plugin.org.uk
Tue Jan 23 13:02:11 UTC 2007

On 23 Jan 2007, at 12:17, Stefano D'Angelo wrote:
>> You need to read the spec again.
>> The terminology is confused, not least in the spec documents, but a
>> single .lv2 "plugin" can host multiple effects with different ports
>> and so on.
>> - Steve
> Oops... seems like I'm a bit confused! Well, I'm going to reread the
> LV2 spec and try to figure out how to manage this kind of situations.
> Sorry for wasting your time!

Not at all, at the very least it points out that the LV2 spec needs  
to be clearer, and probably needs better examples.

- Steve

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