[linux-audio-dev] LADSPA needs & wishes

Chris Cannam cannam at all-day-breakfast.com
Mon Jan 29 13:49:45 UTC 2007

On Monday 29 Jan 2007 07:39, Nedko Arnaudov wrote:
> Chris Cannam <cannam at all-day-breakfast.com> writes:
> > What are they?  Do they do anything else, besides host LV2 plugins?
> I'm aware of these LV2 hosts:
>  * jack_host from libslv2 project, by Dave Robillard
>  * elven from ll-plugins project, by Lars Luthman
>  * zynjacku, by me
>  * maybe ingen (om), by Dave Robillard, LV2 support is ready too

Thanks.  Is there any more information about Elven (besides the code)?
Is Zynjacku specific to Zyn in any way, or is it just named that way because 
you wanted an LV2 host when you happened to be working on Zyn-based plugins?

> What else you want them to do? (zynjacku feature list is still open)

Oh, I don't mind.  I was just wondering.  I suppose I was also wondering if 
any previously-existing applications besides Om/Ingen had started adding LV2 
support yet.  It's evident from my and Robert's posts in this thread that 
Rosegarden and MusE haven't, but there are plenty of others that might have.  
What about Dino?

> P.S. Antisocial humans don't read mailing lists.

Yeah, they do.  Me for example.

Sorry for being so grumpy.


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