[linux-audio-dev] Old hat - comparison against windows

Richard Spindler richard.spindler at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 19:46:22 UTC 2007

2007/1/31, Michael Ost <most at museresearch.com>:
> Now it is time for a leap to a newer OS --- 2.4 isn't giving us SATA
> drive support and our Wine is getting old (vinegar? %). Our code could
> do Windows pretty easily. Should I push for that, or move to a newer Linux?

I think there is no general answer, however it mostly depends on the people,
do you have any significant experience programming on the win32 platform?
Do your engineers have any significant experience?

I've made the observation on myself, that once you are immersed in an open
and free platform, it is very hard to go back to something like win32. You just
get used to a lot of things that are natural on your platform, which are
hardly available outside. Every once in a while I port some software from
Linux to Windows, and beforehead I think: "Can't be that hard, all the tools are
available." And then the cursing starts.

Have try, and do some work on windows, if you think you can handle it, it might
be an option. But if you have any doubts, drop it. It seems that you
have a lot of
Linux-Experience. This is a serious investment that I wouldn't throw
away lightly.


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