[LAD] simulating analog audio devices part II

Stefano D'Angelo zanga.mail at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 23:59:21 UTC 2007

Il giorno mer, 06/06/2007 alle 19.54 +0200, Robin Gareus ha scritto:
> Hello again,
> I've added libsamplerate for resampling/oversampling which - as expected
> - dramatically improves the quality of the ngspice processed sound.
> Here's some example 3sec guitar sound from current testing:
>   http://mir.dnsalias.com/_media/oss/spicesound/git-fuzz64.mp3
>   (left channel: resampled input-sound, right channel: fuzz-effect out)
>   http://mir.dnsalias.com/oss/spicesound/examples#audio_example
> The fuzz effect still sounds a little odd, but I believe that a
> DI-recording would sound just like that ;) -  I have not progressed to
> simulating tube-amps or synths yet.. lack of time, netlists and
> tube-models; it's low priority ATM.
> robin
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I read on spicy sound website: "However todays computing power allows to
do so almost in real-time!"... do you think you'll get it real-time?
I'd like to know since I'm working on a somehow related thing:
http://naspro.sourceforge.net (I hope to speed up development this



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