[LAD] [ANN] AlsaPlayer 0.99.80-rc1 and FftScope 1.0.5

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at citycable.ch
Mon Jun 11 20:22:08 UTC 2007

I am very proud to announce 2 new releases: alsaplayer-0.99.80-rc1 and

The main added feature in those 2 packages is a new GTK2 interface.

I must thank Madej. He done most of the job and is still working to improve it.

AlsaPlayer is a new type of PCM player. It is heavily multi-threaded and tries
to excercise the ALSA library and driver quite a bit. It has some very
interesting features unique to Linux/Unix players. 

This is a major feature enhancement release.

The player has now a fully working GTK2 interface.
It includes the same functionality as the GTK1 interface and some new
functions. The playlist window has been completely rewritten and is inside the
main window. The scopes plugins have been migrated too.
A lot of debugging has been made.

Every user is encouraged to upgrade AlsaPlayer and use the GTK2 interface.

We need your help with a few things:
    * Bug reports
    * Feature requests
    * Artwork contributions

fftscope 1.0.5 
Fftscope is a nice fft scope plugin for Alsaplayer.

It is now 2 versions of this scope in the package: one with GTK1 interface, the
other with GTK2 interface.

This is a major feature enhancement release

Enjoy those 2 new releases! 



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