Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Thu May 3 16:07:45 UTC 2007

William Weston wrote:
> Announcing the latest release of the Phase Harmonic Advanced Synthesis
> EXperiment (first release featuring a GUI), available for download (source
> tarball and FC6 RPMs) at:
> 	http://sysex.net/phasex/
> PHASEX is an experimental softsynth for Linux/ALSA/JACK systems with a 
> good mix of standard and experimental features.  Here's a quick 
> overview of what PHASEX offers:
> * GTK GUI:  Every paramater is available through the GUI, with parameter
> names right-clickable for on-the-fly MIDI controller mapping and
> middle-clickable for parameter help.
> * 4 Osc / 4 LFO:  Oscs and LFOs support multiple sources: MIDI key, tempo,
> envelopes, and inputs, all with selectable unipolar/bipolar scaling.  
> Wavetable includes the basic wave shapes, both bandlimited and
> non-bandlimited.  Per-osc and per-LFO transpose, pitchbend, and init 
> phase.
> * Modulations:  Full AM, FM, and PM (in this case, modulation of phase
> offset between left and right channels) routing with per-osc controls.  
> Each osc can be modulated by any osc or LFO for AM, FM, of PM.  Wave
> select modulation by LFO modulators is alsa available.
> * Filter:  Modified Chamberlin filter with LP, HP, BP, BS, LP+BP, HP+BP,
> LP+HP, and BS+BP modes, distortion and retro (clean) types, keyfollow
> modes, ADSR envelope, and LFO cutoff modulation.
> * ADSR Envelope:  Standard ADSR envelopes for amplifier and filter.
> * Chorus:  Stereo crossover chorus with builtin phaser.
> * Delay:  Stereo crossover delay with LFO modulation capability.
> * Key Modes:  Mono smooth, mono retrigger, mono multikey (round-robin
> mapping of MIDI keys to individual oscs), and full poly modes are
> available.
> * Input Processing:  Inputs may be routed to any combination of oscs and 
> LFOs.  Input boost allows weaker sources to be brought up to level of 
> oscs.  Envelope follower applies input envelope to output.
> * Sampling Modes:  Supports undersampling and oversampling, giving control 
> over the ever present quality vs. CPU tradeoff.
> Since this is the first public release of PHASEX with a GUI, feedback is
> highly encouraged.  The project goal is to provide a synthesizer to
> experimental and professional musicians alike that is as easy and
> enjoyable to use as it is powerful.  The next batch of new parameters and
> features will be a result of feedback from the community, so please, don't
> be shy.
> Cheers!
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Really nice synth! Thanks.



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