[LAD] [ANN] LV2 beta3

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu May 10 09:03:56 UTC 2007

Lets stick to the analogy a bit more.

I am not taking sides (I don't know enough off lv2 or ladspa to do so) but for 
me it sounds as if fons isn't arguing about extras but of basic features...

Am Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2007 schrieb Dave Robillard:
> On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 22:01 +0200, Arnold Krille wrote:
> > Am Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2007 schrieb Fons Adriaensen:
> > > I don't have any problems with the way LV2 provides for future
> > > extensions - it's well done. But requiring such a mechanism to
> > > obtain basic low-level information is as silly as offering the
> > > gas tank on a car as an option (I assume you would include the
> > > wheels as standard).
> > Haha, nice analogy! Surely you realize that most cars are sold with only
> > the basic standard-wheels? Sad but it seems that this also the case for
> > lv2. If you want to have sport-wheels or a bigger gas tank or a
> > speedometer it seems you have to rely on extensions to the basic
> > version...
> The car that is LADSPA has been working just fine in it's (admittedly
> limited) domain.  We have chosen that as our base set of features
> accordingly.
> It comes with a gas tank, and tires, but not a radio.  There's a big
> shelf of radios right at the dealership you can insert in 5 seconds with
> no tools.  Arguing for radios to be in the "standard" feature set is
> stupid because:

But to extend the picture. Assume a car does have a radio it will not be 
allowed to drive on all streets?

A plugin needing some special feature wouldn't not work on hosts not 
implementing that feature. You gave the example of the gui yourself... 
Explain to a user why his car is not allowed on certain streets because it 
has a radio!

And I don't think fons talks about extras like radio but things like smoother 
automation (controlling velocity in a smoother way)...
He didn't even mention guis (which I concur is a bonus and a host not 
implementing graphics should still give access to the parameters via text).

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