[LAD] Controller images

pete zenadsl6252 at zen.co.uk
Tue May 22 01:56:14 UTC 2007

Christian <krampenschiesser at email-addr-hidden> wrote:

> Thanks! 
> This is what I meant, but this control is useless for me. 
> But I found a way to create this in GIMP. 
> I made a circle and cutted it to a controller. Now I could select
> small 
> parts of it and set all black colors to red( with 
> scriptfu->colors->color convert ). 
> It was a lot of work, but worthy! 
> so this is what I use right now: 
> http://www.krampenschiesser.de/screenshots/ksdrumgui.jpg 

just to be clear, phat uses the rendered output of my animated
version of Thorsten Wilms' knob mesh. (i had no creative
input at all, i just made Thorsten's mesh move)

blender creates a sequence of knob sized frames (with an alpha
channel, should that be desired) then, the image magick tool 
"convert" is used (eg "convert +append output.png *.png" to
concatenate the frames into a large single image which can be easily
loaded and manipulated programatically. 
(as is done in the phat knob and numerous other pixmap knobs derived
from the galan C code)

the method is independent of the code you use so there's no
reason why it shouldn't be useful to you. in fact, it's so simple
that i've duplicated your red knob design. see here for the
blender (.blend) file:


and here for the output:


it's trivial to change the number of frames, the colours used or
the frame size and re-render it. you can also adjust the output filter
to sharpen or soften the edges.

i must admit though, that with a minimal design like this, you might
do well to implement it algorithmically with drawing operations.
then you can make run time changes to the appearance.

if you want something more complex or tactile then you could use
Thorsten's knob animation or give me a shout and i'll knock something
out to your specs. (although, bear in mind that my blender skills are
somewhat limited so it won't be a work of art =)


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