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Christian krampenschiesser at freenet.de
Thu May 24 07:48:39 UTC 2007

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pete wrote:
> just to be clear, phat uses the rendered output of my animated
> version of Thorsten Wilms' knob mesh. (i had no creative
> input at all, i just made Thorsten's mesh move)
> blender creates a sequence of knob sized frames (with an alpha
> channel, should that be desired) then, the image magick tool 
> "convert" is used (eg "convert +append output.png *.png" to
> concatenate the frames into a large single image which can be easily
> loaded and manipulated programatically. 
> (as is done in the phat knob and numerous other pixmap knobs derived
> from the galan C code)
> the method is independent of the code you use so there's no
> reason why it shouldn't be useful to you. in fact, it's so simple
> that i've duplicated your red knob design. see here for the
> blender (.blend) file:
> http://www.zenadsl6252.zen.co.uk/flat-red-100-frames.blend
> and here for the output:
> http://www.zenadsl6252.zen.co.uk/flat-red-100-frames.png
> it's trivial to change the number of frames, the colours used or
> the frame size and re-render it. you can also adjust the output filter
> to sharpen or soften the edges.
> i must admit though, that with a minimal design like this, you might
> do well to implement it algorithmically with drawing operations.
> then you can make run time changes to the appearance.
> if you want something more complex or tactile then you could use
> Thorsten's knob animation or give me a shout and i'll knock something
> out to your specs. (although, bear in mind that my blender skills are
> somewhat limited so it won't be a work of art =)
> pete.
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Wow, thank you very much!
Well I think it is worth to have a look at blender.
As you mentioned the code based rendering: All images are stored in a
xml file so that everyone using my gui can exchange them to create his
own style. So I don't think that a rendering approach would be that useful.
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