[LAD] Playing Audio Over CAT5

Tosif Ahmed tosifahamed at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 08:32:58 UTC 2007

>> Your WRT is an
>> Ethernet device, which knows how to encode and decode IP traffic for
>> networking purposes.  However it has absolutely no analog connection
>> to the CAT5 cable.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for that cheerful explanation. Actually I did have those doubts in my
mind earlier, but there is another thing which i think can come over this
problem. As i mentioned earlier that the router has OpenWRT firmware
installed on  it, so can i not write my own Digital To Analog Converter (If
this is wat you mean by "no analog connection to the CAT5 Cable.)?

Or probably, pass on the digital data to an external hardware DAC, which can
then pass it on to the speaker.

Tosif Ahmed
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