[LAD] Playing Audio Over CAT5

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 13:24:41 UTC 2007

> That would be a box which accepts digital audio over ethernet and outputs
> analog audio. Something like a small computer running netjack...

I should note that if you are game to do audio computing using a small
computer, the WRT might not be your best option, but there are other

For example, you could put together a small-form-factor (mini-ITX or
such) computer that has an audio or SPDIF output on it.  Take a look
at the AudioPint project for example.


Or to go _really_ small, have a look at gumstix: http://gumstix.com/
A gumstix + roboaudio board will cost about $200 and it can do audio
output directly.  Though I think you'll have the same issues in terms
of floating point operations.

There are likely several other options for small computing.


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