[LAD] Re: Audio over Cat5

Tosif Ahmed tosifahamed at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 19:32:52 UTC 2007

> As far as I got it the task/question was to use the Cat5-cables for analog
> music-signals (which is not a problem) and have a digital (modified or
> unmodified) WRT-router route the music to different ports or to produce
> audio-signals on its ethernet-ports (which is a problem, i.e. not

Yes...thts exactly wat my question is, a wrt box which can play songs but
since it doesn't have speakers i want to use cat5 as the transport media.

Now my idea is to use the wrt as a decoder, an external DAC and the output
of the DAC to the  speakers, and the question here is about the feasibility
of such an arrangement, will it work?

PS: have a look at this http://www.duff.dk/wrt54gs/ the author hasnt quite
explained how he did the hardware part and thats wat i am interested in,
albeit doing it a bit differently.
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