[LAD] [ANN] jack_capture V0.9.10 and Snd-ls V0.9.8.16

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at physics.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Apr 7 23:56:46 UTC 2008


> >> jack_capture
> >> :
> >>   *Added the --meterbridge / -mb option, which automatically
> >>    starts Steve Harris' meterbridge (http://plugin.org.uk/meterbridge/)
> >>    and constantly connects them to the same ports as jack_capture
> >>    is connected to.
> >
> > Nice - this will save me the hassle of starting meterbridge manually when
> > setting up for recording and having to make sure that meterbridge's channels
> > actually match jack_capture's channels.
> Do you need an option to select a different
> meter type than "vu" when starting meterbridge?

It would probably be nice.  The VUs look good but they take up a fair amount
of real estate and trying to monitor 8 at once can be a bit tricky.  In
addition, one can miss clipping with a VU (although this can be addressed to
a point with the addition of a clip indicator).  I normally use "dpm" for my
purposes.  However, everyone has their own preferences and different
situations call for different metering, so an option to select this is
probably the way to go.

> Also, have you looked at the new default built-in console "vu" meter? I
> personally think its more than good enough.

I haven't yet since I'm away from my audio computer.  I intended to check it
out though since it sounds interesting.

> I wasn't sure whether I should show a dB meter, or just show the linear
> float 0.0-1.0 value. Since I'm more used to pure float, and that it was
> straight forward to implement, I chose the latter, but maybe someone
> really would prefer a dB meter instead?

Personally I'd prefer a dB value since that's what I'm used to dealing with. 
Again, having an option to select between linear float and dB would keep
everyone happy.


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