[LAD] RME madiface

D. Sen dsen at homemail.com
Thu Jul 10 23:24:32 UTC 2008


I have been trying to use the hdspm driver with a recently purchased RME
Madiface device. The functionality that I require is to play various
files through various channels under program (script) control. I am
happy to report that it *almost* works - in that I can use my simple
userspace programs to play files. However, there are subtle problems -
in that the external MADI A-to-D (an Euphonix 703) does not seem to lock
into the sampling rate (something that works under windows). Its very
close to achieving full functionality (for my needs) - but just that
tiny bit away from being fully useable.

Any ideas?

Havent had much luck contacting RME and Winfried Ritsch (who
wrote/maintains the code).

Information on the the hardware and/or windows code would help to figure
out how to modify the driver (which was originally written for the rme
9652/aes32 devices).

D. Sen

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